Kickstarter Success

Back in January, we successfully funded our Kickstarter campaign, thanks to many generous pledgers! We raised over $10,000, which is now being used to help jump-start our launch and marketing expenses, as well as our next flavors.

Pledgers we want to give you a shout-out and thank you for your incredible support! We couldn't be doing this without you. Cheers!

(In alphabetical order of last name)

Our $25+ Pledgers:


Butch Balek

Carol Sparks Brown

Ann Cantone

Kathy C

Andy Cohen

Lydia E

Tawny & Jonathan Epperson

Anita Fink

Nikki Forest

Melissa G

Hadis Ghoghaie Schertzer, RDN

Sanna Haynes

Vicki H

Tania Jarvinen

J Kim

Sean & Melissa Lyons


Mary McGuire

Denise Martin

Flora GM

Tereza Melakuova

Ronke O

Lydia Rich

Noreen Rotar

Matt S

Monique Sypolt

Gavin Taylor

Richard & Jessa T

Claire T

Anna T

Amy Uscher

Andrea Vann

Jacqueline Villicana

Sarah Wright



Our $50+ Pledgers:

Big Papa D

Wendy D

Penelope G

Jim & Mary Hines

Kelly Jessop

Nguyen Lam

Jim & Lynn

March Family

Kristy Mayfield

Payne Family

Christiane S

Gabe Walker


Our $100+ Pledgers:

Anthony Beltrez

Scott & Meghan Bird

Karen Burke


Uncle Mike & Aunt Sandy

Nicolas Gomes

Sarah Hines

Linda H

Kurt & Nancy Jones

Gunnar Kaufmann

Chuck & Melanie Lashley

Justin & Bri Lauka

Pam M

John Robinson

Vivian Salazar

Andrew & Pam S


Our $250+ Pledgers:

Marc M

The Mason Family

RJ Rodday

Mark Schaefer & Nancy Hill

Rich Tyson


Our $500+ Pledgers:

Richard & Cathy M


Our $1000+ Pledgers:

Nancy Mackey

Scott & Brent

Sandra & Dan Minchen