Our Story

Dreaming Up the Concept

The concept of Golda Bar was born about 2 years ago. I’ve been working as a Registered Dietitian for about 4 years and managing a private practice for the same amount of time. Throughout my time of counseling clients, I’ve had a difficult time finding a truly clean nutrition bar option. Any bar I somewhat hesitantly recommended had a couple good qualities paired with several negative qualities. For example, a whole-foods based bar may have real-food ingredients, but the sugar count is terribly high. Or the flavor is just awful. A high protein, low sugar bar may be great in protein grams, but it’s full of artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, both of which can wreak havoc on the digestive tract. A high fiber bar may be great to help us meet our daily fiber requirements, but the gas and bloating that results simply is not worth it.

So, the lack of truly clean options inspired the concept of Golda Bar. I wanted a moderate to high protein bar made with clean protein (grass fed or vegan), healthy fats and oils, and other organic and/or high quality whole-food ingredients. What I didn’t want in the bars was just as important: artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, chemical additives and preservatives, gluten, and GMOs. The bars had to be truly clean, without compromise. That was and continues to be my goal.

Pushing Forward

After garnering amazing support on Kickstarter and successfully funding Golda Bar’s campaign, we launched in February. I’ve loved and believed in the entire Golda Bar experience since the birth of the concept, but the launch was particularly significant. I recently lost both my father and my sister, and these past years in the midst of losing them have been incredibly challenging. The birth of something new and something I really believed in served more than just the purpose of being the next exciting thing. It has been something hopeful--new life in the midst of death and loss. It wasn’t easy to push ahead and launch something that required so much of my time and effort, and there are many days where it still feels impossible. But, it’s ultimately been good for me to invest in something that has a future and a purpose. I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced loss and tragedy, so I hope that the story behind Golda Bar can be inspiring and encouraging for those who feel like hope is hard to find.

Our Commitment and Future

Today, we have one flavor out, Cacao Almond, with a second to hit shelves in May (Hint of Peppermint). My (our) goal at Golda Bar is to provide a nutrition bar that doesn’t ask you to compromise on quality. It delivers in cleanliness, nutritional balance, and taste. That has not always been easy to achieve. In fact, the goal was already challenged with our Cacao Mint Chip flavor, which we originally released for our Kickstarter campaign. However, we discovered that the ingredients in the mint chips found throughout the bar included artificial colors, so we took the bar off the market and changed the ingredients to include only peppermint oil for the mint flavor. Enter Hint of Peppermint! While the mint sensation is not as strong as it was in our Cacao Mint Chip, we believe in committing fully to our goal of remaining clean and clear of poor ingredients. Providing you with a clean bar is supremely important to me, and that will continue to be Golda Bar’s top priority.