Created by a Registered Dietitian

Perfect For Diabetes Management

Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Gluten Free

Whole-Food Organic Ingredients

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar

Low in Sugar

Aids in Digestion with Soluble Fiber

ZERO Artificial Sweeteners

ZERO Sugar Alcohols



Our nutrition bars are the on-the-go option you need and the fuel your body craves.


Each of our Golda Bar flavors provides grass-fed whey protein, antioxidant-rich and flavorful cacao, nutritious coconut oil, and a simple little sweetener called Stevia. And did you know that we're the ONLY BAR ON THE MARKET that is altogether low in sugar, gluten free, free of artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, and clear of GMOs? Oh, and our bars are rich in digestion-soothing soluble fiber, too! You can manage your blood sugar, support a healthy metabolism, aid smooth digestion, and fuel up with clean, whole-food ingredients. Say goodbye to compromise. 

Photography by Robert Hickson

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Golda Bars are fantastic! They don’t taste at all like a typical health bar, but make you wonder if they should be sold in the candy aisle, they taste that good. Unlike candy though, they are filling and satisfying to have as a snack between meals. I will be recommending these to all of my athletes that train with me.
— Robert Hickson, Owner of Huddle Up NYC
Golda Bar has been Lauren’s brainchild for a while. She’s poured her experience and expertise, not to mention her love and enthusiasm, in to creating this amazing nutrition bar. And it shows! It gives me a healthy, clean boost of energy when I’m out tackling the mountains, and I’m going to recommend it to my patients and fellow athletes as a stand-out in a crowded field.
— Christiane S
Golda Bar gives me the kind of fuel I need with the kind of taste I want. Each bar is nourishing for my body and delightful to my senses. I can’t think of a better combination.
— Drew, Former Division I Student-Athlete
I have been waiting a long time for a bar like this to come out! I’m very busy with 2 jobs and a Iong commute, and I also struggle with low blood sugar. I need something that is quick, nutritious, and easy to throw in my bag. I also need something that won’t send my sugar levels sky-rocketing. Golda Bar is the only bar that allows me to not sacrifice nutrition, taste, or the size of my wallet. It keeps me full between meals and helps prevent my mid-afternoon sugar cravings and energy slumps. So glad I found it.
— Lauren M

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