I love standing for what's real.


And that includes food. Being an NYC-based Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and seeing hundreds of clients a year, I am always searching for healthy, on-the-go snack options for crazy busy lifestyles or simply that occasional I'm-so-busy-I-can't-get-a-meal-in kind of day. Throughout my search, I've never found that perfect bar. You know, the one that contains just the right protein, real ingredients, low sugar count, healthy fiber...Just something that's full of ingredients I'll recognize! There's always something missing--or something in those bars that I don't want to eat. High added sugar counts, genetically modified ingredients, poor quality protein, and lots of chemicals simply turn me off. So...the solution? I decided to make something myself!

Enter Golda Bar. 

It was important to me for my bars to contain ingredients that almost everyone recognizes. I want you to really know what you're eating. So, I put my creative thinking cap on and combined my favorite ingredients into one little delicious package. 

Chock full of organic cacao, grass fed whey protein, coconut oil, and almond butter, these sweet little bars deliver high quality protein, carbs and healthy fats without force-feeding you the sugar, chemicals, and genetically engineered ingredients that appear all too often on ingredients lists. And you can trust that as a Registered Dietitian, I have your best health in mind. Feeding you crappy food is not really my thing. 

Lauren Minchen, MPH, RDN, CDN

Founder & President of Golda Bar



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Our Ambassadors                                     

Serena Marie, RD  Registered Dietitian

Our friend, Serena, is both knowldegable and passionate about helping others eat real food to get healthy! She is an avid runner, writer, blogger, recipe developer, and podcast-er on The Running Lifestyle Show (check it out--you'll love it!).

Serena's services include online personalized nutrition counseling, nutrition presentations, and speaking events. To learn more about our ambassador and her nutrition services, check out her website and social media below!

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Lauren Ott, Registered Dietitian

Lauren Ott, RD has been a dietitian for over 7 years.  Lauren graduated from the University of Oklahoma with her BS in nutritional sciences.  She has her certificate of training in adult weight management from the Commission on Dietetic Registration.  Lauren has experience in weight loss, eating disorders, corporate wellness, cardiovascular disease, public speaking, classroom management, curriculum development, media relations, and overall wellness.  She has worked for corporations such as the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, The Cooper Clinic, and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.  Watch Lauren on her bi-weekly 9 News Denver segment, as she is the 9 News nutrition expert.  Lauren has written for or appeared on media outlets such as LiveStrong, NPR, The Denver Post, Thrillist, Women's Running Magazine, and Today's Dietitian.  Although Lauren is passionate about health and wellness, she is a true believer that everything is ok in moderation (especially DESSERT).  Lauren loves puppies, avocado, music, and Texas lake life. 

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Cathryn Fowler, Health & Wellness Writer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in Training, Stop Motion Videographer, Freelance Video Editor for Bloggers/Makers/Creators

Cathryn's health journey is rooted in her
belief that  “food is medicine,” that happiness is a birthright, and that a balance of vitality in mind, body, and spirit is key. It is her mission to help
others make healing changes in their own lives through the power of real
food, other ancestral health techniques, and the re-connection to peaceful joy.
Her love language is gift giving, and she is currently pursuing her Nutrition Therapy Practitioner Certificate. Once she completes her education, she will be offering private consultations. In the meantime, she offers advice,
education, and hope through her website.

Cathryn's Website: Coming Soon!

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Our Intern

Chloe Cassecuelle

Chloe Cassecuelle

Chloe Cassecuelle, Nutrition Student

Chloé Cassecuelle is a French student currently completing her Bachelors degree in Nutritional Sciences at McGill university in Montreal, Canada. Upon her graduation, she is expecting to pursue her studies and to become a Registered Dietitian. Having lived in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and North America, she is fluent in French and English with a good level of Spanish. Chloé is passionate about nutrition and health and believes that good nutrition is key to health and wellbeing. Over the past three years, she has studied a wide variety of courses related to nutrition such as: Clinical Nutrition, Human Nutrition, and Bioenergetics and the Lifespan. Her primary areas of interests are sports nutrition, eating disorders, and diabetes. In the past year, Chloé was a kitchen manager at the “Out of the Garden Project”, a student-run café at McGill University, in which she managed a team to prepare and serve healthy meals for students. Moreover, Chloé has volunteered at the “Restaurant du Coeur” in Lyon, France, in which she assisted in the distribution of groceries to homeless people. This experience is directly related to what she values: helping the population obtain the necessary macro and micronutrients they need in order to pursue a healthy, happy, and active life. Chloé is also a member of the Global Food Security Club at McGill University. In this club, she works in a team with other students aiming to raise awareness and formulate projects concentrating on international and local food security issues. For example, they organized a color run to raise money for the Deworm the World Initiative. Furthermore, Chloé has been volunteering with the “Femmèdere Nutrition Workshops”, a club at her university in which she helps to cook healthy, balanced meals at a women’s shelter, followed by a discussion about the basics of healthy eating. Additionally, in the Fall 2016, Chloé will be taking over the Vice President position of the Femmedère Nutrition Workshop Club. In her free time, Chloé enjoys travelling all over the world and appreciates photography along with displaying her best photos on her VSCO blog page.


  • Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist
  • Masters in Public Health from Hunter College
  • Background in communications, acting, and journalism
  • Founder of Lauren Minchen Nutrition
  • Specialties: Digestive Health, Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss, Sustainable Food System
  • Lover of all things NYC
  • Favorite author: Ken Follett
  • Favorite film maker: Christopher Nolan
  • Favorite meal (had to do it): Guac, warm chips y Sopa de Pollo